A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A short chat/text based horror game about a group of friends inviting a supposed "Ghost" into a chatroom on Halloween night for fun, though they get more than what was asked for in the end.


A short linear game made in a week and a half that was supposed to release for spooky month but due to problems it was not released then, so enjoy the Halloween-y game without the Halloween.

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Updated 23 days ago
Published 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsCreepy, Dark, Furry, Gay, Horror, LGBT, renpy, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Chatroom 203 - Windows.zip 32 MB
Chatroom 203 - Mac.zip 15 MB
chat.room_203.apk 34 MB


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CW: Sexual Harassment Mention, Spoilers, Homophobia

Ok, I'm gonna be honest: I went into this initially intrigued by how it was a combo of horror, furry, and LGBTQ+ characters, especially since I myself am a gay furry who's a massive horror fan.

By the end, I felt...rather offended due to how most of the gay men in this game were portrayed, specifically with how one of them was a borderline, if not outright, sexual harasser (randomly bringing up sexual things in the chatroom without the consent of the other people in there at least twice, to the best of my knowledge), and how both this character and the protagonist's boyfriend were revealed to be manipulative cheaters, particularly the protagonist's boyfriend who cheated on him multiple times because he wasn't having sex with him, which...I don't know how to word it, but something felt really off about that to me.

Overall, this game had an interesting premise, but I felt that the homophobic writing severely diluted what could have been a really interesting premise.

I am really sorry that you got that feeling off of it since it was not meant be homophobic or to have that be the vibe it was trying to give off especially being gay myself, it was to be story more so of lies supposed to be hidden away until a third party brings it to light and what happens with it. Again sorry for giving that feeling.

It's completely alright, don't worry, and knowing you yourself are gay and the intended themes of the story does mitigate the issues I had with it a bit.

Yeah still hurts a bit though ngl, but thank you for at least letting me know that it can come off to some as being that.

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I liked it, the only problem was I couldn't access the links.

Edit:I think I got all links now.It was sorta tricky

Just to make sure I got everything.


Both are gay men,both are cheaters,one is my boyfriend.I got to choose one.

As bare bones summary yep.

Yeah, Ren'py be like that sometimes.

Love me some good old chatroom horror. This was actually a great chatroom game where everyone seemed really human and seemed like actual friends! That made the game that much more relatable and invest able in the characters. (Video below if anyone wants to watch!)

The way the text was 'taken over' by the entity was great and well done, and honestly an overall great game.

The only things I would suggest (If you will update the game in the future/ make another game similar to this.) would be to add more choices, that would make the players invest more in the story and give a good contrast to the non controllable choices. And one other thing is to give the entity an actual reason to do what it is doing other than 'a need to complete its task.' For example, adding a list of rules for summoning the entity and also making the players part of summoning the entity rather than one of the friends summon them would make it feel more personal and adding a list of rules where you can add 'entity will reveal everyone's secrets until there is nothing left' or something like that will give the baddie in the game proper backing to be actual evil (And also maybe a different reason for the entity to harm others than just cheating on people, I personally felt like just cheating on members wasn't very impact enough to justify the deaths of either one of the choices of people. Though not condoning cheating in any way.)

But yeah, it was a great game with a great atmosphere as it takes time to build up to things and was really surprised when the links went to actual things; it added a lot of depth to the story and game that not many other games have! (Though I think the first link didn't work for me no matter how many times I clicked on it.) The personal messaging was also well done, as it added another depth to the game and made things that much more suspenseful.

Congrats on a great game and good luck for future games!

Wow! Thank you, I honestly never thought anyone would be interested in this especially so much so to make a video on it. I do agree with your points though and maybe a sequel will have more in it since I'm not opposed to making a follow up of sorts. I wish you luck too in your channel endeavors.

Wow, this was an experience!

The final choice was was really hard to make. Like, I knew I was gonna do both either way, but it took me Like a whole minute to even build up the courage to click.

The fact that I got so invested after such a short amount of time really shows how well done this was!

Thanks, I'm surprised by it's reception having been made in so little time.

This is interesting, though it's kinda laggy for me... still it's quite good~

That's just how Ren'py be on certain devices, thank you though.

Yeah, some VNs have been laggy for me~

I'll be looking forward to seeing your new VNs in the future!

You betcha, got art for it on my twitter if you want to see that. I say totally not promoting myself.

Heh~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'll be checking it out~

Nice holding hands~ 😼


My heart, it hurts after that ending, I loved it and really the concept for real but man I felt the reveal at the end and like like agh I'm too emotional for this, why did a horror game hit me in the feals


Sorry for your reaction, hopefully my next project won't be as bitter for you.


No it was awesome and I loved it, it was just sad of course I love both angst and horror so it was nice for something to have combined the two you know?

Really interesting concept, it gives me deja vu


Thank you, but hope that this doesn't happen to you for real.

i thought this was a sexting chat room 

That's certainly an interesting first take.

While playing, only one of the links sent me to a pasteboard. Couldn't click on any but the one that alludes to Tony and Dom? Otherwise, interesting concept.

Yeah, all the links are supposed to take the player somewhere but they are finicky and just require spam clicking at most points, sorry for that.

I did spam click after having the one redirect (scrolled back up), but it's alright

Even if it was scary it was fun I enjoyed it a lot will there be a part 2


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Maybe, I don't know to be honest. It was only to be a self-contained one off deal for Halloween. Though I will be doing another short story since I seem to like those a lot, so you can look forward to that.

Hello, I would like to download your game, but I think It's creepy enough to scare me(*nervous laugh*)

It's less so creepy or scary and more a group tearing themselves apart, unless you find that scary.

Yes haha, but still I downloaded it cuz it might be full of mysteries😍😍(I love mysteries)